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I finally have my very own Dollshe Saint on the way!!! *0*

I ordered him a couple days ago… a DS18M Saint on the Rythmos body! I’M SO EXCITED AAAAAAA…. I’ve wanted a Saint for so long, he’s such a beautiful sculpt, and I just had to take advantage of the sale Dollshe is having before they discontinue the Rythmos body! ><

Can’t wait to have my lovely new boy home~ maybe then I can actually make some contributions of my own to my #BEAUTIFUL SAINTS tag XD

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to get a wig for a Leekeworld Rihael?

Somewhere that isn’t Leekeworld? I’m really at a loss for this boy right now! :( I’m just looking for a long black wig, preferably with bangs but it doesn’t have to have them. His head size is 9-10 but his head really is massive and it’s a hit and miss whether or not 9-10 will fit.